06 - 08/2017 The Hidden  artist book  from Morphogenesis project - the book will feature in Ympäristökoru" exhibition, Vuojoki mansion, Eurajoki, Finland

"Ympäristökoru" Eng: environmental jewellery.


04/2017 DOCUMENTARY RESEARCH TRAINING with  H2H Cultural Heritage, Morecambe Bay Partnership. Site visits to  South Walney Reserve and Barrow Island towards Cumbria Archaeological Assessments


02/2017 'Light Night' Nottingham City Council in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University a showcase presentation  through  Enabling Innovation project -  Hologram of a diatom from water collection provided by Dr Mary Ann Tiffany


09/2016 Innovation and Creativity, Enabling Innovation Programme funding support  - Nottingham Trent University for development towards new project exploring ways to view microorganisms


06/2016  Piilevä-taiteilijakirja  (The Hidden) Rauma Printmakers Limited Edition Book based on Irene Rogan's Morphogenesis project concerned with the environment and biodiversity found in water with field trips for water collections, microscopy and images of both marine and freshwater diatoms in collaboration with Rauma Printmakers Studio.


The Artists Book of fifteen hand-bound signed  original prints.. Each book includes two original prints from every artist, introduction texts by Irene Rogan and by diatomist and water researcher Dr. Mary-Ann Tiffany (USA). The artists  from Finland involved are: Mari Aspola, Kirsi Kuusisto, Katariina Mannio, Arja Nummi, Meri Pauniaho and Heli Väisänen.


The Hidden artist's book will be touring to:

 - October 2016 Printmakers Associations 40th Anniversary Exhibition at the  

   Rauma Art Museum, Finland      

 - Spring 2017  Emil Cedercreutz Museum in Harjavalta, Finland


02/2016  Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory (GSML), Panacea, Florida, US Residency to meet with Theoretical Biologist Richard Gordon, Embryogenetecist Natalie Gordon and Naturalist Jack Rudloe.


07/2015 Luotaamaton alue part II. Traversing Nurmes, solo three day living on an island part of the  archipelago and creating spontaneous, environmental installations and interventions, photography, poetry and mappping, Nurmes Island, Finland.


06/2015  -  Luotaamaton alue  part I - The Unsurveyed Area a project involved artists visiting the archipelago; the Reksaari, Nurmes and Kuuskajaskari islands, Finland and selecting spaces to develop ideas and to create artworks.  

06/2015  RaumArs Residency Programme, Finland

02/2015  Arts Council, Grants For Arts Award 'Morphogenesis' Rauma, Finland and UK project.

The Hidden artist's book - an example from the book by Katariina Mannio on layered tissue paper

Copyright©2018Irene Rogan

13 & 14 December  2017 FINDING CUBA  Micro exhibition University of Nottingham of Cuban artworks and collaboration Irene Rogan and Dr Issy, University Archive Deptartment.


10/2017 Arts Council England & British Council Artists International Development Fund  travel research for 'Arcane Tender', Cuba. for one month to meet , collaborate with  artists  and experience Cuban culture in Havana and Central Cuba.

2.KatariinaMannio_Fragile form II_woodcut_2016 pr  university nottingham-page-001

2017 - 2019 Arts Council of England - The Making of a Cultural Landscape, Millom, Cumbria


Local project name MOVING MOUNTAINS Art environmental art and engineering, installation, short film, poetry, spoken word events,guest speakers, farmers photography exhibition and Irene Rogan producing her own work, Millom, Copeland, South West Cumbria. Illustrated document with introduction by Dr. David Cooper MMU and evaluation by Dr. John Scanlan UCLAN

2019 - 2020  Arts Council of England  Between Silence and Light details coming soon